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3 strategies for a successful Live Shopping

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Now, you need to enter this world, but... Don't know where to start? Or how to achieve a successful Live Shopping?

Here we tell you 3 infallible strategies to achieve it:

  1. In-person calls for the event: We need to convey to our audience that we have this innovative technology.
  2.  Set clear goals for liveshopping: Define how the success of each broadcast will be measured.
  3. We need to know our audience: interact with them and know what they are trying to do.

Every day it is more common to see the e-commerce of several items transmitting a live purchase, which can lead to an exponential increase in online sales during the live transmission. This is confirmed by the study cited by Snoop Consulting: which projects that over 100 billion dollars in revenue will be generated by 2024 with this model.

Here we give these 3 tips to maximize the experience:

  • Significant discounts during a live.
  • Keep your audience engaged with trivia, contests or interactive activities.
  • That the duration of the live broadcast does not exceed 90 minutes.

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