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Poipes, the OTT platform for soccer clubs, is now part of Mediastream

Mediastream acquires a stake in Poipes, one of the pillars of Latin American football (soccer). With the agreement, Mediastream strengthens its links with football with the aim of developing new projects directly at consumers (B2C).

Founded in 2014, Poipes creates, produces content, and manages OTT platforms for the Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol (Uruguayan Football Association), Club Nacional (Uruguay), Estudiantes de La Plata, Racing Club, Godoy Cruz (Argentina), Club Universitario (Peru), Universidad Católica (Chile), among others.

“Like the clubs and federations we work with, thanks to Mediastream we have a great alignment by professionalism and efficiency, and always staying at the forefront. For Poipes, this agreement means technological know-how, leader's support and confidence to a greater capacity for execution”. Pepe Amorín, CEO of Poipes and Director of B2C in Mediastream

The Poipes brand is synonymous with OTT for soccer teams and has been powered by Mediastream from its inception. Now the team led by Pepe Amorín will develop new B2C Mediastream projects and is currently the one that serves such important clients as WinSports Online.

“We have always had a lot of topics and friendships in common with Poipes, over the years they have been an important customer who kept asking us to improve our product due to high demand that broadcast important football matches means. This union was something natural and we have no doubt that we will continue to grow in OTT development with all the experience of Poipes and Mediastream technology.” Luis Ahumada, CEO of Mediastream.

With this acquisition, Mediastream continues to consolidate itself as the leading streaming company in Latin America, with major OTT projects currently consuming over 300,000 sports club fans, as well as experience in creating projects for high-demand end consumers. While Poipes clients obtain the best support and technology necessary for the correct administration and distribution of their content.

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