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What is and how does a CDN network work?

In a market where immediacy and high demand for audiovisual content have become a principal value, the audiovisual content distribution network is critical for video and other multimedia content distributors.

Video streaming servers speed up the distribution of content by storing it on servers dispersed throughout various geographic territories, which allows providing content to the requesting user from the nearest server, thus speeding up distribution and improving the content consumption experience.

CDN, what does it mean?

The term CDN refers to Content Delivery Network. It comprises a set of servers located in various parts of the world, which store multimedia content from the main server. A CDN aims to reduce the distance between users and information on a website to speed up the download of files.

How does a CDN work?

Now that we understand what CDN Network means, we need to know how it works. A CDN works in 3 basic steps. First, a user requests video content from anywhere in the world. Subsequently, the request is sent to one of the closest CDN nodes to retrieve the information. Finally, the server finds the copy, and such is forwarded to the user for immediate download.

This route is completed in milliseconds, although, to ensure proper navigation, it is also important that there is an adequate Internet speed. Fortunately, various countries in Latin America have experienced improvements in broadband penetration:

Mediastream CDN

Mediastream offers its clients the CDN network with the highest coverage in Latin America, with presence in the most important ISPs (internet service providers) in the region, which translates into a fast, efficient, and scalable content delivery, ensuring a content distribution of the highest quality without the need for infrastructure development. We distribute your audio and video content to thousands of connected users in various countries.

Our clients forget about their latency, loss of information, or stability problems, to focus on the content they wish to deliver to their users.

Now that we know what a Content Delivery Network is and the benefits of the Mediastream service, it is time to press play on online videos and take them worldwide. Trust Mediastream, more and more content managers are choosing to migrate to Mediastream's CDN Media.

If you wish to talk about integrating your content to our CDN or are an ISP and you want to integrate a cache for our CDN, we are always available.

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