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You make your content, we do all the rest

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We know the gamble you take on every streaming

Every transmission you stream brings your brand, the commitment with your audience and your company’s results to the fore

We have more than 12 years of experience

Offering our service to large clients. We develop and refine an environment based on technology and commitment that allow us to do amazing things.

We manage and distribute Latin America's largests media contents.

We are the platform that hosts the largest e-learning supports in the world.

We broadcast the big players events.

Hey, we even streamed Obama on his last visit to Chile.

A proper “end-to-end” process

Every streaming step integrated in a single ecosystem.

This are the things we can do for you

Mediastream OTT

Create with us your own streaming channel so you can spread and monetize your content via subscription, PPV or publicity. 

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Mediastream Platform

The market's leading audiovisual content management and distribution platform. Intuitive and flexible interface capableof solving the entire value chain associated with audiovisual content (Audio and Video).


Mediastream Audio

The most complete audio and podcast service on the market. Integrating on the same platform your online radio, podcast, on-line statistics, monetization and a 24/7 support; with a modern online player that offers the best content consumption experience.


Mediastream Audience

We support you in the monetization of your available inventory, creating a new source of income. A fully integrated advertising ecosystem.

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Mediastream CDN

The best delivery of audio and video guaranteed, no matter how many users receive it at the same time.

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Mediastream Live Events

Livestream your events with TV-like experience. Deliver the best audiovisual content consumption experience to your customers.

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