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The market-leading audiovisual content management and distribution platform

The most complete Online Video and Audio Platform, used by the biggest content generators, capable of solving the entire value chain associated with the administration, distribution and monetization of audiovisual content

Online Video Platform
Online Video Platform is the complete solution for your digital video strategy

Mediastream Platform is the End-to-end solution for your video and audio transmission strategy

Manage your content and distribute it throughout the Web offering the best quality

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Monetize your contents with advertising formats such as SSAI, Preroll, among others. Simple integration with your adserver.
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Live, VOD & AOD signal distribution

Manage and distribute your content in a simple, fast and secure way using the CDN Mediastream
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Operation Support Tools

Organization and Content Security, Statistics, 24/7 Support and more.

Big Players trust in Mediastream

TVNMegaCaracolTurnerWin SportsEsporte InteractivoMultimediosIcareCanal CapitalCDF13 InternacionalColo - ColoChileVisiónAmerica TVTV+

Automate your clip, edit and publish processes

Use the tools offered by Mediastream Platform and optimize your team's schedule

Live Editor corta clips de transmisión en vivo
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Live Editor

Go back in time and create clips directly from your live streaming signal in a matter of seconds.
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Send Live Streaming publications to platforms that accept RTMP publication such as Facebook, YouTube, among others with a single click.
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Schedule the creation of VOD and AOD from your live signal and publish automatically on any given time and date.

Monetize your content with exclusive
audio and video formats

Maximize your revenue stream with display advertising, by integrating your Adserver with Mediastream, and by implementing Dynamic Ad Insertion.

Live Editor corta clips de transmisión en vivo
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Video & Audio Formats

Dynamic Ad Insertion, Pre, Mid and Post roll in your streaming, VOD & AOD
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Audience segmentation

Segment your campaigns by site, show, episode, device, among others.
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Advertising ecosystem integrated into your online player

Advertising ecosystem integrated with audio and video player. Ad Server, DMP, SSP, DSP.
Get statistics in real time
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Online Statistics

Receive an analysis of your audience behavior and learn about their content consumption. All the tools you need to make decisions and optimize your digital strategy.
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Module Ai: Optimize your team's schedule with artificial intelligence

New Mediastream Platform module that allows you to identify feelings, find people, among other things within your available content
Módulo Ai: Optimiza los tiempos de tu equipo a través de la inteligencia artificial

Analysis of Feelings and Emotions

Evaluate the expressions of the people who appear on your videos

Automatic content recognition

A simple way to find faces, brands and other elements within your own content

Automatic content transcription

Optimize the times of your team. This tool automatically transcribes the content of your video

Optimize your video work flow with the Mediastream Platform

Optimizes the audio and video intake flow. Through our integrated API with your website you can publish and monetize all your content in real time and with the best quality
video flow optimization

Technical specifications

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Load your content once and automatically generate encoding from 144p to 1080p and capture of thumbnails.
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Our own HTML5 responsive player compatible with multiple devices, streaming responsive playback and integration with social networks.
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Protection of your content through access token, DRM, geofencing, network restrictions, by devices or by referrer.
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Catch-up TV

You can record your live broadcasts in the cloud and make them available automatically on demand.
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Ad Server Integration - VAST / VPAID. Add more revenue, in any currency, with the integration of the most important payment platforms of the world.
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Platform has a complete API for all the integrations that you and your developers may require.
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Some of our clients and their experiences with Mediastream

Mega - Caso de éxito
Mega wanted to centralize and manage their videos. This chilean TV channel was looking for a provider with a very stable platform to support high audience volumes and at the same time deliver statistics to the final public.
  • Less time needed to upload content.
  • Transmission of events to more than 200 thousand users at the same time.
  • Uptime higher than 99.9%.
Mega – Platform for Media
Icare - Caso de éxito
Caracol required a platform to fulfill all the needs of its digital video strategy: To be able to support high concurrences, CDN with presence in Colombia and first level  support in Spanish.
  • More than 100.000 simultaneous live users.
  • More than 150.000 assets published.
  • Integration with current CMS, encoder upgrade and video publication.
Caracol – Platform for Media
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