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Nowplaying streaming de audio para tu radio online

Manage, in a simple and modern way, your Online Radio and Podcast

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Reduce your costs

End-to-end solution that allows you to save time and development resources. Audio Streaming multi protocol HLS, AAC, Live Editor, Automatic recordings, Podcast and more.
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Best UX

Your audience will be able to enjoy your content with the best quality and user experience. A simple player installation on your site or apps.
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Generate new incomes

Monetize your content with advertising formats such as SSAI, Preroll, among others. Easy integration with your adserver.

Fast, with no cuts nor unexpected issues

En Mediastream conocemos el mundo de las radios tanto como el de las nuevas tecnologías, sabemos cómo hacer crecer tu negocio mediante las múltiples herramientas que ofrece NowPlaying el servicio de Mediastream.
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Player on your own website

It is developed for a simple integration with your radio, a JavaScript line. Encoder on any Windows or other platform, compatible with Dalet. RCS, Dinesat and many more so you can discover songs that the radio broadcasts.
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Know your audience

Where your listeners connect from, what are the times of greatest concentration. Number of Streams, Live Concurrency, Starts, Devices, Countries, Shows, Engagement, Retention and much more.
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Multi device

Your audience will be able to listen to the radio online at any time and from any device since it adapts, not only to laptops, but also to iOS, Android devices, Smart Speakers, Smart Tv, Cars and more!

Thousands of hours of successful streaming for large radio stations

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All your online programs and podcasts just one click away on your Player, organized to offer the best experience

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Todos tus programas online y podcast, a un click en tu player.

Organiza tu contenido para ofrecer la mejor experiencia de usuario.

Player responsivo compatible con todos los navegadores Web y Smartphones. Nuestro player permite a los usuarios volver a escuchar tu radio y obtener información de artistas y canciones.

Take your content to the main devices and platforms on the market

Create unbeatable, high-quality experiences, compatible with iOS and Android.
Características: Seguridad de videos, token de acceso, soporte en español y más

Maximize the value of your inventory with SSAI formats

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Audio ADS Insertion

Ecositema programatico 100% integrado, vende campañas de forma directa y/o programatica. Aprovecha la plataforma para recibir ingresos con avisos publicitarios con nuestra integración en Player con VAST y de nuestro partner Adswizz Ads Insertion en cualquier dispositivo sin ads block.

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