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Every day more than 100,000 users enjoy their radio through our product Mediastream Platform Audio

Give your listeners the best transmission and audio quality on all devices

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Fast, without stops, without problems

At Mediastream we know the radios industry as well as the new technologies, we know how to grow your business through the multiple tools offered by NowPlaying.
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Install on your website

It is developed for a simple integration with your radio, without stopping the daily process and easy to merge with your existing content library. You can also customize the design of your player and it is compatible with Facebook.
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Meet your audience

Know from which places your listeners are connecting, what are the hours of greatest audience concentration, what musical preferences each age range has. You will be able to know the mood of your songs and what the users think of them.
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Multi device

Your audience can listen to the radio online at any time and from any device as Nowplaying adapts not only to computers but also to iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.
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Thousands of hours of successful streaming for large radios

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Main features of Platform Audio

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